Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P965 093400-9650 for Howo Truck

CR Injector Nozzle DLLA152P947 093400-9470 for Nissan Navara

Control Valve 9308 622B Common Rail Valve 28239295

ERIKC Diesel Nozzle DLLA148P1688 Yutong Passenger Bus 0 433 172 034

Common-rail Injector/Nozzle DLLA152P1819 Weichai WD10 Diesel Nozzle 0433172111

The important role of bosch diesel nozzle


Bosch diesel nozzle apply a unified global technical standards, adhering to the high-precision and high-quality traditional German manufacturing technology, you can ensure that the fuel flow control nipple volatility below 2%; has low fuel consumption, at the same conditions lower compared with other common fuel injectors.
Original bosch diesel nozzle has low fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is about 10%; With precise spray angle, superior penetration capability and high degree of atomization, fuel injectors greatly reduces exhaust emissions of diesel engines. Imports of high-quality raw materials and advanced hardening process makes the nozzle can withstand high temperature and pressure, to ensure a long service life.

bosch diesel nozzle