Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P965 093400-9650 for Howo Truck

CR Injector Nozzle DLLA152P947 093400-9470 for Nissan Navara

Control Valve 9308 622B Common Rail Valve 28239295

ERIKC Diesel Nozzle DLLA148P1688 Yutong Passenger Bus 0 433 172 034

Common-rail Injector/Nozzle DLLA152P1819 Weichai WD10 Diesel Nozzle 0433172111

Two main clogging reasons about Bosch CR Nozzle


Bosch CR Nozzle is a simple solenoid valve, when the solenoid is energized, suction is drawn from the needle to open the spray hole, the fuel through annular gap between the shaft of the needle and the injection hole of the high-speed spray head valve is formed mist, which will help burn fully.

As one of the key components of the EFI engine Bosch CR Nozzle, it will seriously affect the quality of the work performance of the engine. Nozzle clogging will seriously affect the performance of the car, due to blockage of coke deposited on the engine due to the fuel injector or other impurities clogging the nozzle passage. In addition, due to urban traffic congestion, often in low-speed car and idle, but will also increase the formation and accumulation of these deposits.

Bosch CR Nozzle