Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P965 093400-9650 for Howo Truck

CR Injector Nozzle DLLA152P947 093400-9470 for Nissan Navara

Control Valve 9308 622B Common Rail Valve 28239295

ERIKC Diesel Nozzle DLLA148P1688 Yutong Passenger Bus 0 433 172 034

Common-rail Injector/Nozzle DLLA152P1819 Weichai WD10 Diesel Nozzle 0433172111

Fuel injector nozzle main features


Fuel injector nozzle is a very high precision machining precision devices, requiring large dynamic flow range, strong anti-pollution and anti-clogging and good atomization performance. Injector ECU works receiving the pulse signal sent from the injection, accurate control of fuel injection amount.

Fuel injector nozzle and injector nozzle which is mainly composed of body composition, it depends on the design of the combustion chamber in the installation position and angle of the cylinder head.
Fuel injector spray characteristics include atomization, mist distribution, oil beam direction, range and diffusion cone angle. These characteristics should meet the requirements of diesel engine combustion systems to make perfect mixture formation and combustion, and to obtain a higher power and thermal efficiency. Injector is divided into open and closed two. Simple injector open structure, but poor atomization, are rarely used. Closed injectors widely used in a variety of diesel engines.

Fuel injector nozzle